With the introduction of M2M, smart networks comes better forecasting of loads and demand – allowing for planning and more efficient use of resources. Sensor data collected via M2M products is being collected and utilised to improve productivity and distribute resources with greater efficiency.


Manually monitoring consumer meters is set to be a thing of the past. Smart M2M Energy grids comprising of smart meters sending signals to the sector operators with information on residential demands and demand trends. While adoption will take some time, consumers will eventually come to the realisation that smart houses that know when you are out and can reduce your utility costs are also of benefit to the operators as populations grow and energy resources become scarce.


M2M solutions offer great advantages to the retail industry for both operators and consumers. Operators can set up remote monitoring and process automation to run digital advertising, optimise inventory and ordering procedures, maintenance or even payment services. On the consumer side, shoppers have real-time information on special offers, inventory levels specifically targeted to their needs and wishes.


Securing people, business and assets. Security systems using M2M solutions protect your people; your assets against vandalism, misuse; and your business against unauthorised access. M2M security solutions have moved further along than basic alarm monitoring.


Inefficient transport systems are an increasing cost to society and can negatively impact the environment. The best way to control and monitor and reduce negative impact is to use automated M2M systems. End users want better transportation solutions and increased visibility on the movement of goods. M2M systems empower users to make real time decisions based on changes in their business or the economy.

Industrial Automation

Estimates predict that shipments of wireless devices for industrial automation applications including both network and automation equipment reached 4.8 million units worldwide in 2015. Growing at a compound annual growth rate of 25.1 percent, shipments are expected to reach 18.3 million by 2021. Growth in industrial applications is forecast to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 27.7 percent from 14.3 million connections at the end of 2015 to 62.0 million devices by 2021.

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Robustel Modems & Routers

Industrial M2M IoT Gateways that are reliable, robust and secure for all applications from mission critical to secure enterprise applications.

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“Our Industrial Cellular modems and routers are impressive in all IOE/IOT applications. The ability to utilise 2 carriers for redundancy or link aggregation provides piece of mind for the systems integrator and end user.“

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