Intelligent Traffic Management

Background – Intelligent Traffic Management

Intelligent Traffic Management is possible when you can deliver the communication necessary between devices and assets to a centralised traffic management application. With rugged and easy-to-deploy connectivity solutions, transportation departments and their partners can deliver real-time communication and control to remote equipment.

The Robustel router would be used to access remote controller from a central system, which has an advanced network management system. Also Robustel router need to establish OpenVPN with central Gateway Router, so that we could ensure the data security over Internet.

The R3000 Lite was part of an intelligent system for a traffic light control system via the stable and secure data transmission. The typical topology is showing below delivers real-time communication and control to remote equipment.







  • Reliable Communications
    Transportation systems require high levels of reliability, making it necessary to automate accurate, real-time communications between remote equipment and control centers. Robustel router provides always on and always-aware connectivity required for critical mobile data applications.
  • Built for Harsh Environments
    Compliant to EMC standard, Robustel router is designed for solid performance in harsh environmental conditions and extreme temperatures.
  • Optimise Safety & Security
    Up and running to connect the Traffic Controllers in each regulation station, transmitting critical data reliably from vast area, Robustel routers optimise safety and security by monitoring asset location and utilisation across broad geographies.



R3000-L4L LITE is a cost effective, industrial-grade VPN gateway designed for cost-sensitive M2M applications.

Key Features:
■ Dual SIM Industrial Cellular VPN Router with 1 Ethernet port;
■ Supports RobustLink (Centralised M2M management platform);
■ VPN tunnel: IPSec/OpenVPN/PPTP/L2TP/GRE;
■ Various interfaces: RS232/RS485/USB/Ethernet.

M2M/IoT Self-Serve Kiosk Business

M2M/IoT Self-Serve Kiosk Business

This technology is available now in Australia. Contact Powertec today for a referral to an expert in your area to assist with your solution.

Business Challenge

A bike-share scheme provides bicycles for shared use to individuals on a short term basis. Bike share schemes allow people to borrow a bike from point “A” and return it at point “B” and have become very popular in larger cities for both locals and tourists alike.

For a bike share scheme (and other similar business’) to be profitable, the day to day transactions of the business need to run without human intervention. To do this bespoke self-serve terminals have been set up to monitor and manage all the requirements of the customer.

In order to identify a customer and release a bike for their use, every terminal must be connected to the main control centre and able to process payment transactions. Reliable and fast communication is key to ensure a positive customer experience. To avoid costly roadwork involving council permits and road disruption, bike operators prefer to implement a wireless solution, which would have to be rugged enough to withstand outdoor temperatures from snow to high humidity levels.

IoT Self-Serve Kiosk Business

Robustel Solution

To set up a fail safe solution, the R2000 4GX/LTE Enterprise Router with Voice along with online network management tool RobustLink, were utilised for this Business.  While there were a number of products that could do some of the tasks required, this product was selected because of its unique Voice capability improving customer experience when on site.

The business required that the self-service terminal was able to provide full service from payments and security to emergency calls.  As part of the scope the following points were factored into the final solution:

  • Precise and real-time data transmission for bicycle sharing system via seamless cellular network
  • High security user payment process by IPsec tunnel
  • Central management capability (by RobustLink platform)
  • Voice function (GSM) in addition


  • Uninterrupted operation with 24h network uptime
  • Improved productivity and intelligence of the network and operations by RobustLink
  • With agile deployment, never miss an opportunity for a pop-up location
  • Protect sensitive data, defend against attacks with IPSec
  • Improve customer experience with voice function
  • Global certified products and service network

Click here for more information about the Robustel R2000 Enterprise with Voice


Robustel Bicycle sharing

4GE LTE Modems for Bus Transport System

4GE LTE Modems for Intelligent Public Transport Monitoring

Västtrafik in Sweden is responsible for the public transport in all of Västra Götaland. They have 2,700 buses, trains, trams and ferries as well as 22000 stop locations.

All vehicles combined will be driven 390,000 km on average every day. This makes Västtrafik the second largest public transport company in Sweden. They also organise the transport, compile the timetables and decide upon routes and lines.

4ge lte modemsBusiness Challenge

There were legacy IT systems installed in every bus, train, tram and ferry to connect with passenger information system, driver safety system etc., and a GPRS modem was used for network connection. However, during years of running, Västtrafik was experiencing problems with narrow band and unstable GPRS connection, especially in rural areas. Due to these issues, the Swedish operators were also considering leaving the GSM/GPRS network for M2M communications.

Västtrafik realised that in order to achieve reliable, consistent 3G/4G LTE connectivity, they would need to upgrade to a more ruggedised modem. So they decided to choose a modern path with 3G/4G LTE compatible hardware.

Because of 3G/4G LTE’s instant handover time, high bandwidth, they could maximise the network availability, and provide seamless communication for in-vehicle IT systems for the future.


The LTE modem is used not only in the buses but also trams, trains and ferries across the country.   Each application has to undergo appropriate certifications to meet all the fireproofing and railway standards regulation demands.

Västtrafik tested solutions from several leading vendors and finally selected Robustel M1000-U4L LTE modem because of its sturdiness, network compatibility, and seamless connectivity performance during the trial.

Key Benefits for Customers

Robustel M1000-U4L LTE modem running provided Västtrafik in Gothenburg with the following

  • CE, EN45544-2, E-mark certified
  • 4G LTE and backwards 3G/GPRS compatible communication path
  • Ruggedized lockable power connector
  • Rugged Metal housing
  • Wide range power input 12-36VDC
  • GPS optional

For more information on Robustel modems available visit HERE.