Robust M2M Products in the Harsh Australian Environment

Powertec Offering Robust M2M Solutions

Powertec will always propose high quality robust M2M products and services to their clients to deal with the harsh Australian environment – products that need to perform year in and year out.

All M2M products supplied via Robustel have implemented ISO9001:2008 Quality Management system as a sophisticated approach of quality planning, quality control, quality assurance and quality improvement. Due to these quality control systems, Robustel has achieved global certifications including CE, FCC, PTCRB, AT&T, IC, Rogers, GCF, RCM, IDA, NBTC, E13.

In addition the Powertec Technical Department will provide you with local Australian-based support backed by the Technical Team at Robustel.

M2M products can address customer pain points across many industries including the following:

– Energy companies wanting to save money for meter installation and maintenance. Ensuring that central servers can monitor the status of remote sites in real time and improve capability for data analysis.

– Central system needed to monitor the status of remote sites in real time.

– The ability to use legacy systems and upgrade to LTE networks.

– Business’s that need reliable, consistent 3G/4G connectivity.

– Traffic light monitoring via a central system

– Monitoring street lighting to to save costs on maintenance and reducing energy costs for dimming, on/off timing, recognising failure, monitoring energy consumed and lamp burning hours

Video Surveillance System – Monitoring & Recording

Video Surveillance – Monitoring and Recording

Business Challenge

Cities are becoming smarter and smarter with each passing year. Increased integration of information and communication technology (ICT) and Internet of things (IoT) technology ensures security in managing a city’s assets and improvement in efficiency of services.

Public security is one of the most important parts to develop in smart cities. With the help of smart video surveillance systems, public security and asset maintenance can be improved by real-time monitoring and data recording.

When setting up a smart video surveillance system, there are typical requirements which include:

  • Widely distributed area and high speed transmission
  • Mission-critical reliability
  • Easy integration, deployment and maintenance
  • Data security

Robustel Solution

Award winning Robustel industrial-grade POE LTE Router R2000-Dual accompanied by RobustLink + RobustVPN platform help to build up a remote video surveillance system with stable and secure data transmission.

R2000 Dual – R2000 Dual is a rugged, programmable, high efficiency and cost effective VPN gateways, providing safe, reliable, seamless and fast connectivity for M2M applications.

Robustlink + RobustVPN Management Platforms: Robustel RobustLink is an industrial-grade centralised management and administration system for the Robustel GoRugged range of routers and modems (R3000, R3000 Quad, R3000 Lite, R2000, R2000 Dual, M1000 XP Lite, M1000 XP and M1000 Pro V2). It allows you to monitor, configure and manage large numbers of remote devices on a private network over the web.

video surveillance
Typical Topology of A Video Surveillance System



Utilising Robustel products suited to this application produces the following  benefits:

  • Dual 4G LTE wireless modules enable fast and reliable connectivity for video data transmission.
  • Industrial-grade design ensures reliable operation in remote sites difficult to access.
  • With 4 ports POE, the surveillance system could be easily deployed with simplified cabling work and lower cabling cost.
  • Supports RobustLink (Centralised M2M management platform) and RobustVPN (Establish VPN to RobustVPN server automatically).

Speak to Powertec today to discuss the solutions to your own video surveillance system M2M application.  Expert installers available across Australia.

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What is IoT? IoT Applications

What are IoT Applications?

If you haven’t heard of this before, be advised that you will be hearing it a lot over the next few years. IoT is the abbreviation for the “Internet of Things”.  In a nutshell IoT applications are they way for machines to talk to each other through wireless networks to deliver real-time information. It covers Machine to Machine, Mobile to Machine, or Machine to Mobile.

The Advantages of IoT

The advantages are many but the main ones included more efficient use of real-time data enabling managers to make decisions, monitor and allocate resources.  Just think, if there is something wrong in your Server room, you could find out immediately, and you can fix it.  The alternative is not finding out until much later, potentially losing data and increasing costs of employee downtime.

“Ping” is a term used more and more and is one of those behind the scenes benefits of IoT.  A Ping is a way to test that devices are still working correctly. Put simply, you send a message to another machine and expect a response within a certain amount of time. If you don’t receive your ping back then something is wrong and procedures are pre-programed for stage 2 troubleshooting to commence.  Stage 2 troubleshooting could include another ping then an automated sms sent to a manager warning of a problem. It’s a lot more complicated than this – the ping measures the time of the entire trip, and records any packet lost plus more – but that’s the general gist.

The end result of all these improvements is better customer service and hopefully a better customer experience.

IoT Applications across Industries

Every day a new IoT application is added to the list of seemly endless improvements able to be made to people lives.  The area of health and safety particularly has seen great improvements with less bodies doing dangerous work and more machines taking over materials.

Examples showing how businesses are using IoT within different industries as follows:

Medical Industry IoT

  • Handheld Equipment
  • Medical Monitoring Devices
  • Patient Tracking
  • Telemedicine

Mining Applications IoT

  • Data Transmission
  • Equipment Tracking
  • Gas/oil levels
  • Remote monitoring
  • Wireless communication

Farming IoT

  • Lifestock tracking
  • Equipment Tracking
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Wireless Communication

POS/Vending Machine IoT

  • Automatic vending and credit card/mobile payment to increase sales
  • Improved route and replenishment planning
  • Point of Sale equipment
  • Remote monitoring to have optimum stock in each machine
  • Remotely change pricing

Smart Homes/Cities IoT

  • Access Points

Parking & Public Transportation IoT

  • Smart Lighting & Smart Metering
  • Security
  • Traffic Monitoring
  • Transportation
  • Container Tracking

For an application within the real world, check out M2M manufacturer Robustel’s recent installation of their M1000-U4L LTE modem across a city-wide transport system including bus’, trams, trains and ferry’s.  Robustel was selected because of its sturdiness, network compatibility and seamless connectivity performance.

Find out more HERE.

M2M Routers – Vehicle Charging Points

Electrical Vehicle Charging and M2M Routers

Electrical Vehicle (EV) charging is not as common in Australia as in other parts of the world – especially Europe.  In UK this year alone sales of electric cars soared 85%.

But due to severe environment issues such as global warming and air pollution, the need to convert fuel vehicles to electric ones is becoming more and more obvious. Due to the rapid development of the electrical vehicle market, the number of charging stations and points is growing by leaps and bounds.

Business’ focusing on charging point deployment have mushroomed. Charging points are generally fixed outdoors and can endure severe environment factors, which makes management and maintenance challenging. In addition, industry players are always searching for a comprehensive solution, combining charging, positioning, remote management, advertising and other functions.

M2M routers

Robustel Solution

Robustel is providing cost effective solutions to the charging point manufacturers in the EV industry, with their industrial grade M2M routers, both with the R3000 and the R2000 models.

  • R3000/R2000 transmits operating parameters like current, voltage or power, as well as sending alarms once failure.
  • R3000/R2000 monitors real-time operating data, such as transaction details through VPN, running time of charging sites.
  • With GPS positioning, R3000/R2000 helps customers to find the nearest charging site on app, providing better customer experience.
  • With WiFi hotspot, R3000/R2000 sets captive portal. R3000/R2000 can also remotely update digital signage on the front tablet of charging point. Both functions allow new functionality to the service providers.
  • Connected to IP cameras by Ethernet port, R3000/R2000 encrypts and transmits pictures /videos to control centre, providing a security system.

With RobustLink, the Robustel centralised management cloud platform, service providers can remotely collect data and conduct analysis for sites.

The Robustel GoRugged R2000 V2 with Wi-Fi is a rugged 2G/3G/4G M2M router offering state-of-the-art mobile connectivity for machine to machine (M2M) applications. Also for those that want an industrial 3G/4G modem for an internet connection, that can handle higher temperatures and robust applications.  Find out more here: 

The Robustel R3000-Q4LA Quad is a versatile, easy-to-deploy, rugged and reliable VPN gateway designed for harsh environment, providing seamless, secure, fast wireless connectivity to M2M/IoT applications.

Find out more about the products HERE.