M2M Utility Markets


Utilising Band 28, 700Mhz

In a power distribution network, it is estimated that over 80% of the network faults can be attributed to transient overvoltage and overcurrent caused by weather events and natural disasters.

Breakers which are installed in substations and reclosers deployed in the whole distribution networks are the key to prevent the substations from damage.

A 24/7, real-time connectivity solution is a must for recloser remote control. In some sparsely populated areas, the signal coverage is limited, and Band 28 (700Mhz), which broadens wireless coverage with efficient deployment, is a perfect radio spectrum for such scenario.

Robustel offers a safe, cost-effective solution for power distribution market by products with Band 28 modules. Robustel R3000 Lite (Band 28 ready) can be triggered remotely and also provides data back to the centres.

A typical topology is below:

M2M Utility Market


  • R3000 Lite is perfect for outdoor applications, having good resistance to high EMC and severe weather thanks to its industrial design.
  • R3000 Lite can be connected to RTU via RS232 or RS485 to ensure reliable real-time data communication by having a second TCP connection as backup.
  • Working on LTE Band 28, R3000 Lite provides fast and real-time data transmission as well as lowering power consumption and costs.

With intelligent network measurement capacity, R3000 Lite can reboot automatically in case of unavailable network access.

For more information on the R3000 Lite specifications go HERE.

M2M Utility Market